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Πανελλήνια Ένωση "Η Πυροπροστασία" - Main Section

Πανελλήνια Ένωση "Η Πυροπροστασία" - Main Component

Adulteration practices

The fire extinguisher neck ring proves the disassembly of the extinguisher during maintenance.
It must be stiff, unbroken, and have a snug fit on the fire extinguisher neck, so that it is impossible to place in position without removing the valve.
The rings have a different colour every year, depending on the last digit of the year as follows:

  • Year ending in 0: WHITE
  • Year ending in 1: YELLOW
  • Year ending in 2: ORANGE
  • Year ending in 3: BROWN
  • Year ending in 4: GREEN
  • Year ending in 5: BLUE
  • Year ending in 6: PURPLE
  • Year ending in 7: GREY
  • Year ending in 8: CRIMSON
  • Year ending in 9: BLACK
  • Photos and videos of adulteration practices

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    paramorfosi3 polumegalosdakt1 paramorfosi2